WeChat Wine 微信葡萄酒促销口☆口口☆口

  WeChat Wine 微信葡萄酒促销

  We love our customers and are so happy you have subscribed to our WeChat Account that we’re throwing a new deal at you. This one口 is great. Every week our Sommelier will be combining four bottles of wine for a set that yo口u can buy for a massive discount! Our first of these epic saving is four bottles for 188rmb. This is the real deal folks and it’s only for our WeChat fans.

  Today’s set is:

  4 bottles of Marquis de Beau Rond, Merlot, IGP Languedoc, France口

  Get these four bottles for only 188rmb all day today.

  To口 order Sher口pa’s click ‘read mor口e’.





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